Prescription Policy

Certain pharmaceuticals subsisting at require a doctor's prescription by which they can be purchased. This acts as a modem to ensure the purchaser's right of usage by a medical professional. Approved modes of receiving prescriptions regarding drugs are usually mail and fax.

Our Terms and Conditions Are below.

  • On the off chance that a particular medication requires a prescription for possession. We bear the right to dispatch the medication only after receiving one from the purchaser.
  • The approved language in which the prescription consist of is English. No other languages are taken into consideration.
  • The prescription requires an authorized signature of a medical professional(s) either as an individual or as an organization.
  • 15 days is the allotted time span considered for the arrival of a prescription. If an order were to be placed, failure of producing a prescription at the time as mentioned above, it will lead to rejection.

To wrap things up, make a point to include the relevant name, order number and attached the prescription and send it using email or fax mode. For extra help, deliberate with our client support group or conduct a live chat for any questions.