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The dosage of kamagra is available in different formats or forms. It is available in 50mg 25mg and even in 100 mg. You should check with your doctor as to which one is the correct dosage for you. If these steps are not properly taken care of, then it will lead to side effects and harmful damage to a certain part or parts of your body. Do not, thus, have the drug without the proper prescription.

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  • In the same manner, also make sure that the dose that you take is apt for you. This is due to the reason that the dose is not the same for each person and differs from person to person.
  • The med is taken in a dose, depending on the body type, size, etc.
  • Even factors such as medical history, the other diseases that a person might be having, food or diet, other medication consumed, so on and so forth, are taken into consideration.
  • The med is taken only once a day. Avoid overdoses at any cost.

Kamagra side effects

There are certain kinds of side effects that kamagra can cause in the body. This depends on how the med is taken. If the med is taken in the right way with all the necessary steps being followed, then it is not likely to cause a problem. But, even if it is taken properly, there are chances that side effects might come about based on the condition of the person’s system. So, always make a note of the side effects that might occur, and observe the changes that happen in your body after taking kamagra.

  • You might have a heavy head. This can be painful and can range from being a mild pain to a very severe ache.
  • In the same way, there could also be heart problems. So those who have heart conditions should not take the drug.
  • In the same manner, there are high chances of not feeling hungry. This might reduce the quantity of food you take.
  • Due to less food, you might also feel weak.

Kamagra precautions

There are a set of precautions that you should take into consideration before you can go ahead and take any medicine, for that matter. This applies even in the case of kamagra. Do not avoid these guidelines, as they can make a huge difference to not only the way in which the med works in your system but also in terms of what kind of an impact is caused upon your body. The following are some of the precautions that you must take when consuming kamagra.

  • If you have a case of high BP or low BP, you should be very conservative in regard of taking kamagra.
  • Also, if you have had cardiac arrests or the likes, or have similar problems, you should not take kamagra.
  • Do not take kamagra without the advice and prescription of the doc. It can be dangerous.
  • Do not overdose. Always take only the amount that has been prescribed to you.

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