Cancellation Policy

We, at, possess a set of Terms and Condition while dealing with cancellation of products originally demanded.

Once a particular product has been dispatched from our warehouses, cancellation isn't applicable. A request for cancellation should be placed which 24 hours after which the product was requested.

If a product is to be returned after which the delivery has occurred, it should be done within 30 days from the delivery date. Failure to conduct a return with the given time frame will cause all return policies to become insolvent. (If a return is requested successfully, you can expect cash back with deduction added for handling and shipping.)

Abrogation and further queries should be routed to our customer executives. We are one of the exceptionally reliable and reasonable online pharmacies with the help of serious given demeanor, we as of now accomplished the confidence of our applicable customers. No additional cost are hidden charges are attached than those shown when checking out and placing an order. We try our best to offer incredible assistance to our customers as much as potential.